#ThrowbackThursday is Environmentally Conscious

…but Native Americans cry anyway.


Here at Allison’s Written Words, we’re sad.  And we’re sorry for whatever we did to make this happen.

If the screenshot above is not a dead enough giveaway, the theme this week is Public Service Announcements.  Today, we’ll look at environmentally conscious PSAs of yesterday by dipping into the archives of 1001 Classic Commercials.  What I unearthed is a three-part harmony of public service announcements reminding us to be environmentally aware.

We’ve got guys rowing…


We’ve got a woman who tells us about the forest, but has a deep dark secret…


And we have…crying Native Americans.  In boats paddling on what looks like a river in a major city.  Why he is paddling here, why have no idea.


What are these three people trying to make us aware of?  Click play below to find out!

Ok, that Smokey the Bear PSA…was that not just a little weird?

Who knew he had so much range?  Did you listen because it wasn’t Smokey the Bear compelling you to?  Are you just a tad freaked out?  And is that Ann-Margaret?

And there you have it, three Public Service Announcements that want you to know that you’re a terrible person that destroys the environment because you blinked.  And will have you forever traumatized about the time Smokey the Bear masqueraded as “Ann-Margaret” and told you about the forest and how you’re killing it by setting fires.

Oh, and crying Native Americans who get trash thrown at them.

Today’s commercials have me depressed.  Except for Ducks Unlimited Guy, he’s a happy fellow.

Tomorrow will be nice and pleasant.  You’ll see!  🙂


I am so sorry.


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