#DiscoverWP Challenge: Designed for You

This week’s Discover Challenge:

Have you ever loved something so much, or experienced something so perfect, that you’ve felt it was designed just for you? 

I don’t think anyone walks away from any one experience, even if it isn’t perfect, without saying something was redeeming to them (at least, I hope not!).  Products and experiences are inherently with faults – you can’t expect everything to be perfect for you…unless you open your mind or design something yourself.

I spent three years on a different blogging website (I won’t say where), and I guess at the time, being new to blogging as a writing platform, I didn’t realize there were better options and better-designed sites.  I guess at the time, none of that stuff mattered unless I was writing.

When I began to go into a personal slump, my writing suffered.  Not quality-wise, mind you, but I wasn’t enjoying it anymore.  My work clearly reflected it, when I was publishing posts.  When I ended a relationship, I really considered giving up writing as well.  The more I’ve thought about it, perhaps I didn’t really want to give it up, but like my personal life, just needed to retool.  Three months later, I was at work early, and just randomly decided to sign up for a WordPress account. I thought it was crazy starting over on an entirely knew blogging site without moving my entire blog over, but I decided that like my personal life, I needed a new chapter and a fresh start.  So, I started all over again, including links on my previous blog to this one, and peppering different areas with the old blog address so readers know I’ve been doing this longer than five seconds.

When I arrived at WordPress, I was nervous and worried about not finding enough exposure.  Instead, what I found was a blogging format that worked exactly the way I needed it to work.  I could auto-share my posts, the tool bar moves with the document, and adding videos is as easy as cut and paste the link.  I do remember when I started, there was a You Tube embedding tool, which was easy, but the current method?  Made for me and my “get it in there” method of inserting pictures and videos.

I found that learning WordPress’s blog post style was as if I had designed it myself, as it catered to the exact needs of what I look for in a blogging site.

And despite my small (but steadily growing) readership, I’m happy to be here and in my element.

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