Football is Back!

I saw this on Facebook this morning, and decided I wanted to do it as a blog post, rather than a Facebook post.  Because I don’t feel like being judged for being a Giants fan in Eagles Country.

NFL Team You Hate: Cowboys

NFL Team That’s Overrated: Cowboys

NFL Team that’s Underrated: Not sure

NFL Team You Love: New York Giants (Go Big Blue!)

NFL Team You Secretly Root For: My boyfriend will tell you that I root for the Minnesota Vikings.  That’s his team.  He means well, but nope.  But secretly?  I’ll root for them…as long as he will root for the Giants once in a while.

NFL QB Favorite All Time: Eli Manning and Peyton Manning

NFL QB Favorite Current: Eli Manning (duh!)

Favorite all time NFL player: Um, duh, Eli Manning.

NFL Team You Love to see Lose: Patriots, Cowboys, and Eagles.  Especially at the hands of the Giants.  Miracles do happen, you know

Favorite Current Def Player: Odell Beckham Jr.

Favorite Current Off Player: Maybe I’ll figure this out during the season.  I seem to be more into the Defensive players.

All of this said…

Go Giants!!!

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