#FlashbackFriday That you Can Refrigerate?!

Such a concept, I know!

Well here we are – post #501 (yes, #501) and it’s Friday.  So not only has Allison’s Written Words hit a milestone (plus one), but it is also the weekend.

Like I said in post #500, if there could be cake, there would be cake.

Previously, on Throwback Thursday, we witnessed the Swedish Coffee Goddess, Mrs. Olson, save the days of many a harried housewife.  Their transgression?  Bad coffee.  And berating husbands.  I would have kicked every single one of them to the curb for such a minor thing.  There are so many things to be angry about, coffee should never be one of those things.

This was long before “coffee snobs” were a thing.  Well, they were a thing, but the title didn’t exist.

I’m not a coffee drinker, so humor me.

Today’s commercial comes out of the archives of the 1950s, for a type of coffee called None Such Coffee.

Unlike your conventional coffee, this one is best put in the refrigerator to retain flavor.


Ir’s the coffee he will kiss you for.

And when you hit play, you can see yet another representation of men being jerks over their coffee snobbery!

Go on, click “play.”

I can’t find any information about this coffee brand, but the commercial does have a cool “movie week” discount disclaimer at the end.

Remember the nonsensical name…


A normal name?  None such!

You see what I…

…yes, yes.  You saw it.  But that didn’t make it any less anticipated!

Oh fine, I had my fun.

Have a great weekend!


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