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#ThrowbackThursday Likes Frosted Flakes…

And it doesn’t care what anyone thinks!


And it’s not afraid to hide, just like “Bernie.”

So obviously you know what theme we’re going with today.


Mmmm, sugary cereal.

This week, Throwback Thursday and Flashback Friday are dipping into the archives to show the cereal-eating public why Frosted Flakes are GRRRRRRRREAT!

First up, we’ll go back to the year 1987, and listen to the confessions of these adults, all of whom aren’t afraid to admit their love for the sugary cereal that Tony the Tiger thinks is GRRRRRRRREAT!

I’ll keep saying it until you get it, so get used to it.

In this commercial, three adults using pseudonyms declare their love for the taste of Frosted Flakes, while keeping their faces obscured.  We’ll forgive “Bernie,” since he’s a tad passionate about his love…until he realizes we can see him.  So go on and click play to see the confessions of these three “cereal” offenders confessing.

You see what I did there, right?

It’s unanimous, they’ve grown to love the great taste, because…They’re…

Wait for it…



The tiger made me say it!  I swear!

Oh, I’m just kidding, I couldn’t even tell you how GRRRRRRRREAT this stuff really is, since I’ve never tried it.  I’d liken it to a sugary overload of breakfast fun, but I have no idea.

Tomorrow, we’ll move from confessions brought on by Tony the Tiger to go back further into the archives to see more of Tony the Tiger in his early years.  He’s been around since 1952, so we’re going back pretty far.

It’s gonna be…

I won’t say it anymore, I promise!


Where are you going?!


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