Spot the Error!

I found this in my memories from 2013.  Of course, it made my blood boil.  Why shouldn’t it have?

I’ll preface what you’re about to look at – I HATE spelling mistakes and grammatical errors.  I’m guilty of my own, but I’m 9 times out of 10 likely to find the mistake and correct it.  Most times, I catch it before I hit “Publish,” but there are times I find the mistakes later on.  I’ll go back and fix it, since it is not a permanent mistake.

Now, I don’t get paid for anything I put forth.  Nothing.  Not a dime.  And I do my own proofreading and editing because I take great pains to publish my own work.  I’m also not exactly apt to ask for help from others, which is either a good thing (shows independence) or a bad thing (shows stubbornness).  Whichever one it is, or a combination of both, I prefer having control over something that bears my name.

In the world of professional publishing, there is always going to be someone who proofreads a manuscript.  They’re usually paid (I hope they are, at least), but I’ll also assume that independent publishers would likely rely on someone they may not be paying, or are doing the checking themselves.  Either way, multiple sets of eyes, or multiple checks in the very least, should be able to spot mistakes.

Case in point, one of the novels I read a few years ago (I won’t reveal the name of this novel, just to keep it anonymous) suffered from the weight of multiple spelling mistakes.  It was a good novel and otherwise well-written, but it kept tripping my OCD in the worst way whenever I found a spelling mistake.  In some cases, this can actually detract from one’s enjoyment of the work, but it didn’t bother me.  Surprising, isn’t it?  And it’s not like the mistakes were in every sentence.  I’d say it was spread out throughout the novel.  But it left me wondering why the work looked like it hadn’t been checked.  If you’re profiting off the sales of something you wrote, wouldn’t you want your work to be the very best it can be?  I know I would.  I don’t profit at all, and I still strive to make my work the best it can be ALL THE TIME!

I know there were a few instances of mistakes that baffled me, but I took a screenshot of the worst offender, which was (thankfully) at the end of the book.  Read this passage below, and see if you can spot the error.


Did you spot the error?  Did you have to re-read it a few times to get it?

I’m never going to say I’m perfect, because, as I said, I spot stuff after I publish and wind up having to go back and fix them, but this…this is just annoying!

And now that I’ve thoroughly aggravated myself and everyone who can’t handle this, I’m going to just walk away from it.

Have a great day!

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