We Can All Be Heroes…

Heroes come in all shapes, sizes, abilities, species, and even wear suits and drive airplane stairs on a truck as their primary vehicle.

Which means we can all be heroes!


Yes, even you, Michael Bluth.

IMAG00366 (2)

Inspiration Behind This Post:

I’ve been collecting Funko Pop vinyls and bobbleheads since June 2014, when I bought the now-discontinued She-Ra Funko Pop at a ComiCon.  When I saw her,  I knew she was the exact one I had been looking for, as I specifically wanted one that was special to me.  She-Ra was one of my favorite “heroes” as a little kid, so it was only natural that I had a She-Ra as an adult.

My collection has pretty much been favorite characters, both new to my liking – and as demonstrated by She-Ra and my newest Funko, Michelangelo – old but beloved favorites.  When  was setting up my Michelangelo Funko the other night, I realized that all of my Funkos are heroes, and pretty much all from the Marvel Universe, which I’m very much into at the moment. I noticed that among all the weaponry, armor, and badass appeal of my Funkos, there was Michael Bluth, Jason Bateman’s neurotic family holder-together from Arrested Development.  The setup was totally unintended (except for me keeping my Avengers Funkos together), but when I realized how this setup looked, I couldn’t help but take a picture of my whole dysfunctional “family” together.

My boyfriend has the same problem with his Star Wars Pops…with Joey Tribbiani and the Eleventh Doctor mixed in.

And yes, say what you want…I take mine out of the boxes.  I don’t have room for the boxes, I have a small bedroom and the boxes would just cramp an already-small space. But know this about me, I keep my Pops clean and dusted, and well-cared for.  I took equally good care of my toys as a kid, so the collectible ones I have now are no exception.



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