Look Up!

This week’s Daily Post Photo Challenge: Look Up

This week is all about taking a moment to check out what’s going on above you.

Going back to my April 2015 visit to the Franklin Institute in Philadelphia, PA for this one.

I remember being told one important thing about visiting any large city, under the sage advice of my mom: “Don’t look up.”

“Why can’t I look up?” seems like a legit enough question for this, wouldn’t you think?

Her response was always: “you’ll look like a tourist.”

I actually also feel that way about major cities – you need to see the world from an ant’s point of view, so why not look up?

My mom would be happy to know that on my solo trip to New York last year, I did not look up.  Not once.

If one applied the same theory to museums, there would be the disappointment of missing something.  I could never not look up in a museum, where everyone is a tourist, learning something new.  No one lives there, so no one has to follow the rules of living somewhere where you could potentially look out-of-place.


What you see here is the amazing inner-workings of the brain, as simulated by this room at the Franklin Institute. The nets and circles are platforms, allowing willing visitors (for example – the limber, young children, limber young children, and those who aren’t wearing plastic air casts on their healing ankle – in other words, not me). I’ve written about this (and several other aspects of this visit to the Franklin Institute) in previous photo challenges.

This incredible climbing structure responds to movement in the room.  It’s dark when no one is within it, but when I walked in, the sole visitor to it at that exact moment, the room came to life, like a brain with stimulation.  The lights flashed as I moved through the room, both above my head and below my feet.  If I hadn’t looked up,  never would have seen the glorious light show, sturdy circle platforms, and nets that created the brain and its inner workings.

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