#FlashbackFriday Wants You To Catch The Excitement!

…of a baseball board game.

That’s right, a baseball board game!

Yesterday, on Throwback Thursday, we reveled in the excitement behind a question mark-adorned door that would reveal one’s Mystery Date.  And today, we’re going to revel in the excitement that comes from baseball…in board game form.

I only wish it was more exciting than it sounds.

And when you watch the commercial, you’ll understand why this sounds as sarcastic as it is.

Screenshot (185)

In 1962, Roger Maris endorsed a Pressman-made board game that was meant to capture the excitement of baseball (and was named after him). And I’ll excuse the fact that Maris wasn’t exactly the greatest pitchman, but I’ve seen the Reggie Jackson candy bar commercial.  That’s how you pitch a product.

But to be fair, this isn’t exactly the most exciting board game, at least not by today’s standards.  But it is basic in concept – you roll a marble, use the attached bat to hit it, and the marble winds up in a hole on the board, and that determines the play you made.

Can you just feel the excitement radiating from these screenshots?

You can’t?

Then hit play and live it!

You know, there’s a reason I used “Centerfield” as the video theme.  Because that song is what baseball is all about…not this board game.

Well, that about wraps up this board game-themed week.  Throwback Thursday and Flashback Friday will return next week, with more excitement in its pinkie finger than this game in its entire material existence.

I promise, it will be nothing like this.

Screenshot (184)

Excitement.  Action.  Catch it.


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