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#ThrowbackThursday Has More Fun Than Blondes

Yes it does.

Lots more fun, and now with less peroxide!

Welcome to Throwback Thursday, the only place on Allison’s Written Words (ok, one of the only places) where you can spot a ridiculous set of commercials from the archives for the purpose of making you smile and laugh. And judging by what has been going on in the world lately, this seems necessary.

This week’s theme, thanks to me burning my 1001 Classic Commercials set to my external hard drive, is about hair color, specifically being a blonde, courtesy of Clairol!  And what better to extol the delights of being a blonde, besides that one song in Earth Girls Are Easy (never seen that one?  Wow, I don’t really envy you, it was pretty cheesy) than commercials for Clairol with jingles about blondes having more fun, while showing how awful it is to a brunette.

LIARS!  Brunettes have more fun, Clairol just tries to exclude them!

And there you have it, the apparent victory of being a Lady Clairol blonde in the archives of society and product advertisements.  I may get blonde highlights, but I’m a brunette at heart (and identify as such).  And I have as much fun as blondes do!

Take that, Clairol and societal standards!  Dyeing my hair blonde won’t help me get married by the end of a commercial!  Personality and being myself will!  And my personality is AWESOME!

Come back tomorrow for another romp in the archives, as we look at people achieving the Fountain of Youth look by dyeing their grays.

Sounds way more exciting than it really is, folks.

Screenshot (132)

As for me, I’m going to go don my cat mask and prance around with my peroxide blonde highlights…and have more fun!




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