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#ThrowbackThursday Can’t Believe Mommy Bought A Different Macaroni and Cheese!

No really, it can’t.  Why would mommy do this?!

So, if you follow my blog on Facebook (and seriously, why wouldn’t you?), you saw the theme I chose for this week, and how it’s “cheesy.”  Not cheesy in the sense that we’ll be looking at cheesy movie trailers, cheesy commercials for television shows, or anything else cheesy in the sense that it’s silly, campy, and strange.  Nope, we’ll be looking at stuff that’s literally cheesy, as this week’s topic of commercials from the archives focuses on that other great foodstuff of the gods.

Today’s submission comes to us from 1987, and a commercial for Velveeta Shells and Cheese, and a dad who is a little disappointed in “mommy” (his wife) and her choice of macaroni and cheese that she chooses to serve to him and their child.  We never meet mommy, but we’ll assume she is some harried housewife whose husband is a nitpick of the worst kind.

Screenshot (106)

Judge for yourself, won’t you?

Oh, and the song is the “Macaroni and Cheese Song” from Veggie Tales.  Seriously, when I did a You Tube search for songs about cheese, that came up!  I’ve never liked those darn veggies, but the song just worked perfectly!

Again, judge for yourself, won’t you?

So, we have a happy daddy, a child who never doubted his mom’s mad consumer purchase skills, and macaroni and cheese that…

Screenshot (107)

Yum, other foodstuff of the gods.

And there you have it for today!  Come back tomorrow for MORE CHEESE…food!

I hope you’ve learned your lesson!


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