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Today’s Daily Post Writing Prompt: Connected

Synonyms: Attached, joined, put together

Antonyms: disconnected, unattached, apart

To be connected, one is joined together, whether it is physical or emotional.  To be connected is to have a mutual bond (again, physical or emotional) or understanding.

We stay connected by:

Communication – phone, text, video chat, actual face-to-face conversation

Sharing our talents with those that appreciate them.  In my case, I connect with others through writing.  I have this blog, and I also write for Retroist, but I’m always looking to connect with others and other sites that take contributions from writers.

Initiating and Maintaining Connections – the effort must be equal in both beginning and maintaining connections to others.  Keep an open dialogue, keep phone numbers and email addresses – heck, keep up with the people you want to maintain connections with.

Create a connection, be connected (and be a connection), and you’ll always stay connected!



Writer, former dancer, geek, nostalgia geek, Secretary by day, daughter, sister/in-law, girlfriend, aunt. Yankees and Giants fan, honorary Avenger (I have a pin, so it is official :-) ), MSTie, and Stargate, Thor, and Hello Kitty collector. And if you want to know anything about me:

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