(I’m Not) Angry

Today’s one-word prompt: Angry.

Confession time: I’m not angry.

At least, not right now.

Anger can be justified, or it can be unjustified and ridiculous.  It’s justified when someone deliberately sets out to cause something negative in your life, and unjustified when someone is jealous, miscommunication occurs, or a disagreement is had.

Anger can result in hurt feelings, no communication, and diminished productivity.  It can erode groups, friendships, and working relationships, and cause bigger issues in life or in the group setting (workplace, school).

Before you get angry over something, consider the following:

1.Do you have all your facts straight?

2. Did the person/people responsible for this anger ever do this before?

3. Is the target of your personal anger deserving of it?

Always consider someone else’s feelings.  If you feel like you’re justified in being angry with someone, and it turns out all one really needs to do is discuss a problem they are having, this could only hurt the other person.

And really, I’m not angry.  Not at all.


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