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Raison D’être (A #DiscoverWP Challenge)

Why do I create?

I’m an artist in the sense that I put words together into sentences, sentences into paragraphs, and paragraphs into longer scribes.  I create blog posts and articles.  Some of it gets read alot, some of it a little, and some of it…not so much.  Like any artist, I have the euphoric highs of creating something people love and are touched by, something that people will talk about.  And like any artist, I also see the downside of some of my favorite things to write about…they don’t get read, or the right audience doesn’t discover them.  I don’t feel low when this happens (I’m not getting paid, after all), I just move on and wait for the audience to find it.  Or I try to figure out where I can get more visibility for my work.

I create because I like to interpret the world and its workings through writing.  I like to observe and to notice things.  I like to dig through the past and see what I can find.  I like to find hidden gems, and perhaps help jog the memory of someone else (or even jog my own!). I love to make people smile, laugh, cry (for happy reasons), or make people think.  I like to inspire the world (or, in the very least, a small part of it) and be inspired by it in return.

I create because I can’t keep my mouth shut…or my fingers from typing on the keyboard.  If it’s in my head, then it needs to be typed out.  It may not be something I publish, but then I remind myself “someone will read it.” So I publish it.

I create because it’s what I know I can do. It’s what I know, and what drives me as a person.

That’s my artistic raison d’être.


Writer, former dancer, geek, nostalgia geek, Secretary by day, daughter, sister/in-law, girlfriend, aunt. Yankees and Giants fan, honorary Avenger (I have a pin, so it is official :-) ), MSTie, and Stargate, Thor, and Hello Kitty collector. And if you want to know anything about me:

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