Abandoned Words

Today’s one-word Daily Post writing prompt can take on many different meanings, both positive and negative.

For example:

Positive = abandonment that results in big/good changes.

Negative = abandonment that results in loneliness, despair, sadness, lost hopes, lost dreams, lost toys…

Wow, there are far too many negative connotations for the world “abandon.”

In the interest of keeping this place as positive as I can (as there is so much negativity) in the world, and especially online, I’ll talk about a somewhat positive aspect of abandonment.

I’ll start a blog post.  It sounds like a great idea, and one I want to develop through research, pictures, and eventually, share with the world.  Ok, the world that reads my posts.  It’s a very small world.  Even smaller than the ride at Disney World.  However, it will take you longer to read some of my stuff than it would to ride “It’s a Small World.”

You can try it, if you so choose.

Oh wait…I’m off topic.

Abandoned words.

I’ll start an idea of my choosing (the beauty part of having your own blog), begin to write a diatribe, and then have another idea, or worse, my lunch break is over and I have to go adult again.  The post may sit there for spans of time – a few days, possibly a week, two weeks (I have one I put on the back burner in September saved in drafts, folks) – and then I’ll finally revisit my manifesto, only to either decide “I’m going to pick this one up again!” or “I’m not interested in writing about (insert topic here) at this time.  Deleted you are!”

The words become abandoned, but hopefully, they will become art soon enough.

And by art, I mean one of my lengthy overkill posts you see floating around.

Ok, I promised positive, but then I mentioned “Delete,” and it became agonizing and yes…negative.

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