In response to this one-word prompt

Visible and invisible.  Scars can take on different types, and be made of different meanings.  There are visible scars – the ones we can see.  They usually represent physical healing as the result of a deep cut from surgery or injury.  They are the reminder remark, both good and bad.  And there’s the invisible scars, the kind we can’t see, but can feel because of trauma or injury that didn’t come as the result of an accident.  These scars, like the visible kind, are also the result of a healing process.  The pain of a personal hurting results in invisible scars.  Unlike the visible kind, the invisible kind can be re-opened by revisiting the personal hurt.  These scars hurt, but can never be blamed on bad decisions.

I’ve had my share of invisible scars (and a few visible ones too), but the best part about both kinds, under the right circumstances, both do heal.  We know our scars exist, but we can overcome.  I still have my visible scars (the result of surgery), but my invisible scars have found the healing process, and no longer open from the pain of personal hurt.

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