Happy #AdministrativeProfessionalsDay!

Happy Administrative Professionals Day to one and all of the Warriors of the Office…from your fellow warrior!

Bring me your paper cuts, your hands fatigued from typing and stapling, and continue to shed the antiquated reputations Administrative Professionals have in the workplace.  We’ve come so far from the Dark Ages of Office Work, and we’re an even bigger asset to the modern workplace than we could ever have imagined, based on what the work looked like back then.

A few things to commemorate the day…

My latest on Retroist goes back to the days of Secretaries in the Dark Ages.

It also has videos which will make you laugh about how the profession looked 50-60 years ago.

I Want To Be a Secretary…And Other Confessions People Who Aren’t Warriors of the Office Will Ever Make

And also see how I celebrated Administrative Professionals Day in 2015 with a look back in my archives.  You’ll laugh!

From the Archives: Warriors of the Office – A Salute to Administrative Professionals Day!

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