Identity (Daily Post/#DiscoverWP)

In response to this one word prompt, as part of Daily Post’s weekly Discover challenge…

To me, identity is the perception of one’s self, and not the image of yourself as others see you.  It’s the shaping of who you are, what makes you special, strengths, weaknesses, qualities of yourself that you like, qualities you don’t like, and things you would like to change about yourself if you have the chance to do so.  Your identity is unique to you, from the shape of your eyes, to that stupid thing your hair does that you really hate.  Identity is physical and spiritual beauty.  Identity is thoughts and believes that you (and you alone) have.  Someone can try to steal your identity through various nefarious means (and pay the price for it if they are caught), but they can never take away who you are. Identity never fades, even when life does.

I like my identity.  It has taken me a long time to accept myself for who I am, and while I have days where there are things I want to change about myself, I always stay true to who I am and the purpose I have in life.  Whenever I want to feel more accepted, I remind myself that I am accepted by those who truly value me, and care about my opinions, personality, and me in general.  And if you can’t accept my identity for what it is, you can’t have my attention.

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