Bedtime…Is Overrated

LOL, it’s the response to today’s Daily Post Writing Prompt.  Rather than give you a guideline, they give you a word.

And the word is bedtime.


Last year, I was still up at 11:30 the night before going on vacation, knowing full well that I had to be up at 5:30 the next morning.  No one can understand how I can operate on a minimal amount of sleep, but there I was, obsessively checking everything in my luggage, paying two bills, and well, feigning sleep.

I don’t have a strict bedtime that I like to follow – I pretty much try to get into bed no later than 12:30 am when I have to work the next day, and if I fall asleep, good.  If not, I’ll read something until I do.  Beauty part about an e Reader that will go into standby after five minutes – you can fall asleep reading it, it will go to sleep too, and it will still be on the same page when you wake up.

And if you must know, I don’t use caffeine to wake up, and yes, I have plenty of energy during the day. I’m sure this will all catch up to me, and maybe I’ll eventually opt for an earlier bedtime, but for now, while I’m young…it’s overrated!

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