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I’m so amazed at the lengths some people go to in order to prove they are the ignorant members of society.

Case in point…

I was parked in the lot in front of the Chinese restaurant we get our take-out from, same place I go to every week.  My mom and I had to wait a few minutes because my dad just called.  I was talking with my mom, and we were laughing.  No big deal.  While we were I was looking in the visor mirror and looking out my window, fixing an errant piece of hair. It’s windy out, after all!

And that’s when someone showed me the ugly side of ignorance.

A car horn was honking nearby, and a woman and her daughter were looking down the row of cars (the one my mom’s car was in). I just happened to catch her line of vision (she had this look that was clearly accusing us of honking the car horn at her, and she started hollering at me.  It was muffled because of the closed car windows, but she was accusing me of having a problem with her. I yelled out “Me?” (I wasn’t going to open the car window or door, I know when I’m being threatened!), and she said “Yes, you gave my daughter the finger!”

I was shocked!  First of all, I didn’t know her, and I certainly don’t know your teenager daughter! Why would I, and why would I ever give your child (yes, your child) the finger?!   That is a horrible assumption to make about me and my character, plus…I wasn’t even looking at you.  If anything, I was concerned there was something wrong because she was looking down the row of cars – as I said, there was a horn honking, maybe she believed someone touched her car and set off the alarm.  I don’t know, my point is, I already knew there were ignorant people in the world, and this woman just showed it in the way she acted.

It’s a nice example you are setting for your daughter when you’re accusing someone of giving her the finger and acting like you’re ready to throw down with someone you don’t even know.  And let’s just say I was your daughter’s age…you’d be beating up a kid.  I’m 33, so you’re safe in that respect, but wow, being on your guard like that and looking for a fight with total strangers.  I think this woman has some issues she needs to work out.

I’m just fed up with ignorance of people.

I love how much effort it takes to be a nice, kind member of society, and how little effort it takes to be an ignorant individual.  So the assumption (on my part) is that it’s easier to be an ignorant jerk who flies off the handle at the smallest thing.  It’s also terrible that people assume the worst in others.  I only want to believe people are inherently good, while being cautious that any action I make could be misinterpreted as offensive.  While I praise a parent who defends their child, I have no regard for a parent who is ignorant enough to want to fight at the drop of a perceived misunderstanding.

I have no clue who you are, parking lot lady and daughter, but thank you for reminding me of how ignorant people can be when they are terribly misguided.  May our paths never cross, but if they do, may you only see a kind, caring individual without malice or a mean bone in her body, and not the chick you wanted to fight for no reason. May you prove to be a good role model for your daughter.

I’ll hope the best for you.  It’s the best this not ignorant individual can do.


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