Not An April Fool (A “From the Archives” Story About #AprilFoolsDay)

I’ll get this confession out of the way: I HATE April Fools’ Day.

Playing a prank on me will not win you my love, any favors, or a place in my life. I’ll go out of my way to avoid anything I perceive as a prank, going so far as to avoid anything that begins to sound like one.

I know not all April Fools’ Day jokes aren’t malicious acts intent on hurting someone’s feelings and making them wary of people and the whole concept of harmless fun, but when you’ve have two horrible pranks played on you that have forced you to be a little more wary of the people around you, and the company you keep, you’d understand where I’m coming from.

Two years ago, I wrote down my bad April Fools’ Day pranks that I’ve been the hapless victim of – I will note that when I wrote this in 2014, I was in a relationship with a “great guy,” but I’m not in that relationship anymore (and for good reasons). However, I do have a Great Guy (notice the change in emphasis?) on my side now.

Archived Article – Happy April Fools Day!

Oh, and I still have no idea (nor do I have the desire to find her) whatever happened to the girl in the post…not that I care.

Photo 20140401090118

Joke’s on you!  This door will crush your soul!  Hahahaha…oh wait…


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