#FlashbackFriday Also Wants You To Trust The Book

Welcome to Friday, where fools do not reside, April 1st or otherwise.

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So if you read yesterday’s Throwback Thursday consideration (and watched the video), then you already know the theme for the week, and therefore, I probably gave away today’s related consideration in yesterday’s post.

That all said…

Until 2005, James Earl Jones was a long-time spokesperson for Bell Atlantic (and it’s successor, Verizon).  I can remember ads going back as far as the early 1990s, and if you called an unavailable or disconnected phone number, his voice would greet you with “Bell Atlantic, the Heart of Communication.”  It was a nice teaser before that standard female operator voice came on and said “The number you are trying to reach is unavailable (or disconnected).”  It’s like, you delighted to hear James Earl Jones, but then you’re angry because he is leading you down the primrose path to disappointment.

Who the heck wants that in their life?  I can’t even!

So, obviously, I remember the James Earl Jones Bell Atlantic ads, but that’s because I’m old enough to remember when they were a thing, unlike the “Joe Friday” ads with David Leisure, which I don’t remember at all.  And by clicking play below, you’ll remember James Earl Jones’ stint as Bell Atlantic’s spokesperson too!

So I’ve talked-talked-talked quite a bit already today, and that’s probably  a sign that I should sign off this Flashback Friday for now, but I’ll be back next week with two more days of themed goodness for your enjoyment.

But first, this…

Ok, it’s for Sprint and it’s fairly recent, but folks, this is a long way from the phone company of old, when James Earl Jones reminded you to use the Bell Yellow Pages.

Have a great weekend!



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