The Gift of Friends With Gifts of Amazing Talent

I will always go back to the same old story: I have the most amazing friends.

This last year has been crazy with symbolism and the true meaning of friendship, and gifts from the heart.

My friend Samantha (another of my Stargate group of friends) contacted me almost two months ago for my home address, so she could send me a gift. Knowing Sam, it was going to be homemade, and incredible. I’ve seen her costumes and quilts, girl has talent.

I came home this afternoon after a day-long workplace strategic planning meeting (something we do every 2-3 years) to find a nice big box waiting for me, all the way from Newman Lake (Spokane), Washington (yes, Washington state – when I say we are spread out across the miles, we are spread out!).

Inside the box…


It’s big, it’s soft, it’s heavy (which means it will be warm!), it’s pink, and it’s Hello Kitty.  And it’s a gift from the heart that I could love.  And after a day spent hunched over a laptop, taking minutes for a strategic plan, it was the nicest thing I could come home to.

Thank you, Sam, from the bottom of my heart! 🙂


Friendship: A Bond Like a Bracelet


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