#FlashbackFriday…For Fast Relief!


It’s amazing what something toting instant relief can do, especially when you’re convinced it might be more the placebo effect than actual relief.

Not all of us need the relief that only a prescription medication does, and after seeing the commercial I selected for today…you’d think this guy needed one.  Or lessons on how to not act like a drama queen.

So woman up, folks, it’s Flashback Friday time!

Today’s installment comes to us from 1988, and to the alleged powerful relief of Chloraseptic.  The name alone scares me just a little.  It ends in “Septic.”  Septic means disease.  And “Chlora” is part of the name of an insect, Pingasa Chlora, which is a white looper moth or flower-eating caterpillar.  So…

White Looper Moth/Flower-eating Caterpillar Disease

Good freakin’ lord, it’s named after disease and bugs!

Who thinks of this stuff?!

Ok, fine, who looks this crap up?!

Bad example.


We have this man, and he’s in agony…

Screenshot (9)

I mean Total Agony.

Screenshot (8)

The voiceover says “They said to drink lots of fluids.  What do they know?”

Yeah, who is this alleged “they,” and what do they know about ills?

The man is having a hard time swallowing due to his horrible sore throat, but his wife is smart – she hands him a bottle of Chloraseptic spray, which contains Phenol, which penetrates the nerves and provides relief.

Screenshot (10)

We get a loving shot of the bottle:

Screenshot (11)

And the guys toasts to his smart wife, with the fluids “they” told him to drink.

Screenshot (12)

Ok, I just noticed this…does anyone else see the instructions on the screenshot?

Screenshot (11)

Minor sore throat pain.  Seriously, this guy is writhing around like an alien is about to pop out of him, and this works for him?!

Ok, fine, I won’t dwell on the minor details of what this product allegedly can fix without saying again that this man needs to woman up, so just hit play to witness the horror of…SORE THROAT PAIN!

I promise for next week’s Throwback and Flashback commercials from the archives, something healthier.  This stuff is a little hard to stomach, especially when you’re actually sick.

Have a great weekend, and um, stay healthy.  You don’t want this to be you, trust me.

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