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Improving The Wheel: The Long Distance Any-Ship

Reinvention is good for something that doesn’t quite work.  But improvement makes something that already works…work better.

(Trust me, I was trying to think of the best way to word it, but considering that this is me and my writing style, it’s going to look like this.  Take my word for it, you want it this way.)

That’s what I perceive to be the elementary school response for reinvention versus improvement.

And you know what?  The same ideals can work in the adult world too.

Take my boyfriend, and one of our close friends.

No, seriously, you can’t have them.  They both belong to me.  Find your own.

James (for the next few months, at least) lives in Michigan.  This summer, he will be moving to my area to build upon a relationship we’ve managed to establish long distance.  Our mutual friend, Melanie, lives in Indiana.  We keep in touch by Facebook messenger during the day (while we are hard at work adulting, of course), and at night, we use Google Hangouts, which allows us to see each other via webcam.  It’s like the lesser-known Skype.  At least, that’s what I think – I didn’t know anything about it until last April when Melanie invited me to a group chat with some of our long-distance mutual friends.  We check in on each other during the day, vent, and celebrate good stuff.  Because that does happen once in a while, folks.  🙂

I think there’s a stigma about long distance any-ships, whether they are the relation (coupling) or friend kind.  It is assumed that long distance any-ships are doomed to fail because of, well, distance.  How can you become compatible or get to know each other when you don’t live close by and can’t spend any time together?

What did we do before the advances in social media and technology?  We picked up a phone, we wrote a letter, and we visited!  Now we pick up a phone, but we also text, message, Tweet, Facetime, Skype, and yes, we still visit.  As technology continues to advance, we’ll never leave the “visit” part behind, because there is nothing more wonderful than actual human contact.  Gone are the days of waiting till after 7 pm to call someone, or waiting till the weekends.  Gone are long distance charges and phone cards.  In are the days of free long distance and lots of minutes for a low price.

In the last ten years, as technology and social media have advanced, keeping in touch has taken on a whole other level.  Hence, improving the wheel, and enhancing the long-distance any-ship.

And I wouldn’t have it any other way.

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