#ThrowbackThursday That Lasts is No Nonsense

That title is the most offensive thing I’ve written in my writing life.  So much “no” and “non” in that title.

I apologize for my misstep, but there’s a reason behind it, trust me.

Welcome to Throwback Thursday, where no nonsense will never be tolerated, especially when it comes to our lady garments.

Ok, so now you know what this week’s theme is. That’s right, it’s all about the ladies…garments.  And today, we kick it off with a 1989 commercial for pantyhose.

Seriously, it does not get any more non-exciting than this.  Trust me.

So we have two ladies…

And we have way too long of a shot of their skirt and pantyhose-clad legs…

And they’re telling us about what they need in a pantyhose when it comes to navigating the office obstacle courses and ladders of life.  Those aren’t their words, but I like mine as an art form.

And when they choose the right pantyhose, they only want one thing from them…

No Nonsense.

Screenshot (915)

No, seriously, that’s the brand name.  No Nonsense.  They’ve been a thing since 1973, directly competing against L’eggs.  And yes, those are still a thing too.

So watch, if you will, these two ladies talk about how they only trust this one particular brand of pantyhose with handling all the pitfalls of life that could potentially rip the ‘hose to shreds…

I think I blacked out and went off on a tangent.

Just click “play.”


And there you have it, No Nonsense Pantyhose.  Because a little nonsense is unacceptable.

Throwback Thursday’s favorite sibling, Flashback Friday, will be here tomorrow, following on today’s “lady garment” theme.  Let’s see what they come up with.

I hate pantyhose, by the way.  I prefer the cottony comfort of leggings – they’ll never rip in an tragic filing cabinet snagging accident.

I’m feeling wordy today. It’s all compensation for that terrible title, I swear!

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