#FlashbackFriday is Dedicated to the One You Love!

Happy #FlashbackFriday, readers and followers!  We’re now two days and counting from Valentine’s Day.  As I said yesterday, I don’t have any commercials in my archives for this holiday.  However, that didn’t stop me from finding stuff about love mixed in with my Christmas/Thanksgiving commercial collection.

Still as magical today as it was yesterday, wouldn’t you say?

Today’s Flashback Friday straight from the Allison’s Written Words archive comes to us from 1988 (like yesterday), and is a foodstuff commercial (like yesterday).  Accept it’s about breakfast and not dinner.  And it’s an actual meal-stuff, which, unlike soup (if you live in the Seinfeld world) is debatable as to whether or not it’s an actual meal.

In today’s commercial, we have a man and a woman, and the man informs the woman that he can’t reason with her when she is under the influence of sugary foods, like the doughnut she is eating.

Screenshot (865)

It’s an age old debate, really.

So she asks him what she should be under the influence of…twigs and berries?

Hey, some people happen to like the texture of twigs.  I won’t tell you I am, but I’ve eaten cereal that…ok, bad example.  Proceed.

So she is objected to trying something different, and that’s when she gets a bowl of Nutri-Grain Almond Raisin cereal handed to her.  With no sugar added, and no preservatives, it’s the better alternative at breakfast.

Screenshot (868)

And by George (not his name, I should add)…she likes it!  In fact, she tells him it was better than she thought…

Screenshot (869)

“You know, kinda like…me?”

But the jingle singers have been brought in, before she could make some smartass response.

Screenshot (870)

And she nudges him for good measure.  Just because.

Oh, and Nutri-Grain also makes a biscuit cereal, also with no preservatives, and the only shredded wheat cereal that can claim this.

Screenshot (871)

Can YOUR biscuit cereal claim this?!

For all of you lovers/inspired lovers/cereal lovers out there, click play to listen to these two have a Seinfeld-type debate over breakfast-stuff.

And there you have it, breakfast-stuff that’s a healthy part of your complete #FlashbackFriday!

Enjoy the rest of your Friday, have a great weekend, and oh…Happy Valentine’s Day!

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