Snowy Days Made Simple…With Goodyear!

We had our measurable snow of the season.


There’s easily half an inch on the ground since I took this photo (and no, these aren’t some crazy reverse jail cell bars, just my blinds), but snow is snow.  And no matter how much you have, or the type of surface said white stuff sticks to (pavement, street, grass only), snow is still snow.  It’s yucky, it’s wet, and it’s cold.  Oh, and it’s white.  And cold.  Did I mention that part?

And what happens when wet surfaces are exposed to the element of cold?


And what do people brave enough to, well, brave the Midwest and other areas were snow sticks until mid-spring?  Buy snow tires.

But don’t just buy any snow tires – and here’s why!

It all began on a day much like any, except there was so much snow on the ground.  The time was…

Screenshot (748)

And the battle began…

Who will get where they need to go first?

Will it be mass transit?

Screenshot (751)

Old reliable mass transit, keeping people off the roads, huddled in cramped cars holding the masses, all stressed and trying to get somewhere?

Or will it be…the car?

Screenshot (755)

The cheaper alternative to buying a train ticket, not overcrowded with people, but forced to drive on the snow-covered roads that are populated with the masses, all stressed and trying to get somewhere.

It looks doubtful for the car.

Rejected advertising copy: “When snow says HELL NO!,” “When snow says YEAH RIGHT!,” and “When snow says (picture of middle finger).”

But wait…

This driver doesn’t just have any snow tires, he’s got…

Screenshot (756)

*Gasp* Goodyear Tires!  Goodyear SNOW TIRES!

He’s a genius!

He knows that only Goodyear has…

Screenshot (754)

And at a cost of…

Screenshot (757)

(Which sounds questionably like collateral, if you ask me)

When the weather tells you no, you must only use…

Screenshot (758)

Because Goodyear will crush the competition.

But did it beat the train?

Click play and find out!

Let the catchy music and images that make you say “Glad that’s not me!” allow you to believe your life choices were the best ones.  After all, you didn’t choose to live in the snow-covered tundras. They chose YOU!

But, if you must live where the snow blankets heavily, be sure to use only the best snow tires!  Use…

Screenshot (758)

Because that train should eat your dirty snow!




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