Daily Post Writing Prompt – If I Could Turn Back Time

In response to today’s actual writing prompt:

If you could return to the past to relive a part of your life, either to experience the wonderful bits again, or to do something over, which part of you life would you return to? Why?

I’ll cut right to the chase – I don’t want to go back.  I came to the realization last year, after breaking up with my boyfriend, that I didn’t want to look back.  I only want to look forward and on the present.  I want to deal with current issues, happiness, and life, and not on what happened.  There is nothing that can be done now that could fix anything that happened then – relationships end for a reason, friends come in and out of life for a reason, and we make the mistakes we make so we can learn from them in the present and future.  I’ve done all of this – not on some huge scale, but I have.  I don’t want to relive it, and I don’t want to change any of it, when I’m happy with my present and have grown because of what happened.  I’ve found the inner happiness I wanted for myself, and like where I am.  I love that I’ve found my centeredness and confidence.


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