The Daily Post Writing Prompt – Resolved

In response to today’s Daily Post Writing Prompt:

Have you ever made a New Year’s Resolution that you kept?

Yes I have.  The two I made last year:

Continue to lose weight and either get to or come close to my goal.

I’m within a few pounds of my goal, and I look the best I have in a long time.

Make positive changes in my life.

I made this one slightly after New Year’s, when I felt as though things in my life were in a slump.

Let’s see – walked away from a non-fulfilling (emotional/general) relationship, refocused my life, and reconnect with what’s important.  I took several fun day trips (Wizard World ComiCon in Philadelphia, Franklin Institute to see The Art of the Brick, New York City to see Saturday Night Live: The Exhibition), went on vacation, crossed a concert off my bucket list (saw Chicago and Earth Wind and Fire on their last concert stop in September), reconnected with a wonderful friend (and now have a fulfilling friendship with her), and made a new friend…who has become my best friend and boyfriend.

I’ve had two amazing writing opportunities come through research (I hope to have more in 2016), have enjoyed connecting with others who write for the same sites I do, and have felt emotionally more connected to everything that is supposed to matter in life.

I’ve kept both resolutions for this year.  As I said, I came close to my weight loss goal, but I need to meet and surpass the goal – it’s taken alot longer, but it will be worth it when it happens.  I also want to continue to make positive changes in my life – my relationship is wonderful and is everything I’ve ever wanted in a relationship, but was unable to find in a partner.


Coming into 2016 on a high note has been a boost for my overall happiness and emotional well-being.  I only hope it gets better from there.  And I’m willing to work toward that.  🙂

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