What’s Allison Up To Now?

She’s playing video games like it’s the early ’90s, of course!

Screenshot (687)

I just keep finding all kinds of cool surprises on my computer that I love, plus I bought a brand-new Xbox 360 controller that enables Gamer DVR to record gameplay.  Let’s just say this opens the opportunity to add a whole other facet to Allison’s Written Words.

Coming up tomorrow (well, later today), Part 1 of “Allison Plays,” where I’ll begin playing Tiny Toon Adventures: Buster’s Hidden Treasure for the Sega Genesis…and recording it.  I almost beat this game in the mid-1990s (as a 13-year-old…don’t judge), and again in 2010 (as a 27u-year-old…again, don’t judge).  Let’s just say I get to the absolute final stage and well…I’m determined to beat the game.

I’m using the Fusion emulator.  I love emulators, but have never enjoyed playing my games on the keyboard, hence the investment in a new controller.  My inspiration comes from my boyfriend and his Let’s Play videos.

I’ll give a ringing endorsement here, if you feel so inclined to check it out – please check out James’s videos, he’s alot of fun (and he does great audio), I’m too intense during gameplay to actually do audio (though I may be able to change that as I get comfortable with playing the game and talking at the same time).

So, definitely come back tomorrow (or visit my You Tube Channel) to check out my first “Allison Plays” video!

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