#NFLFlashback Week 15 – The NFL at Christmas

Week 15…we’re in the home stretch.

Oh, and Merry Christmas!

I know it’s five days away, but this will be considered the “Christmas article” in our flashback countdown.

I’m also supposed to remind you of the other articles in our countdown.

You know, because posterity.

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And with THAT out of the way…on to this week’s flashback!

Being the season of Christmas and all, I decided to go back into the archives (aka You Tube) and dig up a few commercials that show the holiday spirit in the NFL.

As a Giants fan, I remember what Plaxico Burress did in a night club, with a gun.  Yeah, that was stupid.  But this…this was sweet.  I compel you to sit stone-faced.  It is definitely one of the nicest gestures, despite the character of the person who made the offering.  Merry Christmas indeed!


“I want this phone!”

I don’t, but these guys do.

So it’s not entirely about football, but it gets mentioned.

And no, no football phone.

The NFL Flashback would like to welcome Dick Butkus back.  Because it’s been a few weeks, and well, this commercial is Christmasy.

That’s a word.

This 1986 commercial, which I featured in Week 10’s flashback, shows Dick being “kind, caring, warm, and teddy bear-like,” as he extols the joys of giving Sports Illustrated as a Christmas gift for a sports fan.

Oh hell, we’re just happy to have Dick back in the ranks of the flashback.  We also still hope he’s a nice guy with a sense of humor.

And with that, we’ll wrap this up.  As I write this, week 15 is over for my team (as is their chances of Wild Card or Playoffs action).  There’s always next year.

Next week, we move even further into the home stretch, and well, Dick Butkus will be back for one last flashback.

It’s not that I’m running out of material, there’s just so much…Dick Butkus stuff to be found.

Have a great week, and…

Screenshot (647)


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