10 Things That Totally Nail Christmas

Your head may yet explode at all the ways Christmas can be totally nailed.

This album.


Your Christmas present.  You’re welcome.

This Singer Dressed As Santa Claus


He is all of us.

The Family in Anne Murray’s Christmas Special (especially the girl).

Screenshot (588).png

Catch the enthusiasm!

Even the dog is uninterested.

This Christmas Special Featuring the Mandrell Sisters

The only videotaped proof that it exists.

(This commercial came from my collection.)

This Snowman Inflatable Posing Casually



The Christmas tree at the lab where I had my bloodwork done.


Why yes, those are specimen collection cups.

Hall and Oates Singing “Jingle Bell Rock”

Nothing screams Christmas quite like GE Smith in drag, playing Grandma.

This Necklace


Makes a great gift. (For real, it exists).

This Sky Dancer Toy

The greatest Christmas present you enjoyed for five minutes.  Then the tragic fireplace accident happened.

No more Sky Dancer.

The OTHER Greatest Christmas Present Ever

An incredible depiction of me and my brother.

And as an honorable mention…


Well, there goes my hearing, my dignity for knowing this is a thing, and my ability to restrain myself from laughing.


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