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The Daily Post Writing Prompt – The Wanderer

In response to today’s Daily Post Writing Prompt:

Tell us about the top five places you’ve always wanted to visit.

I’ve actually visited one of my top five!

1.New York City

I’ve been here more than a few times for sporting events – I’m a New York Yankees fan, so I’ve been to the Bronx quite a few times, I’ve been to Manhattan for New York Rangers games, and I’ve seen two Broadway shows, but one thing I REALLY wanted to do was be able to go there alone and and explore.  I actually got the opportunity in October to this when I went to the Saturday Night Live Exhibition on Fifth Avenue, and then wandered the area around there and near Madison Square Garden and Herald Square.  I’m definitely planning to return in the spring for another visit, with the hope to do, yes, more wandering!

2. Minnesota/Mall of America

Shopping mall, largest shopping mall, largest one in the country.

Um, no brainer, right?!

3. California/Southern California/Disney Land

I’m definitely hoping to see Southern California someday.  Even though I’ve been to Disney World, I’d like to see Disney Land, because, well, history.  🙂

4.  Vancouver, BC

Several shows I watch have called this city their home during the times they were on the air, so I definitely would love to see the city and all it offers, and try to pick out some of the stuff I’ve seen on those shows.  I’d also love to visit The Bridge Studios, since I love television production (I have a B.A. in Communications, so the interest comes naturally) and this is one of the biggest  sound stages in North America.

5. Toronto

I’ve been to Mississauga before (way back in 1991), but I’d love to see Toronto and all it offers.  Just the idea of exploring a city in a country I don’t have to travel too far to get to just feels right to me.


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