Coming Up on Allison’s Written Words…

Here’s some updates on what will be coming up on Allison’s Written Words as we move into the holiday season.

Happy Thanksgiving weekend, friends and followers!

I hope you enjoyed the beginning of your holidays, and as I enjoy the Friday after Thanksgiving, I’d be remiss if I didn’t tell you about what is coming up for the month of December here at Allison’s Written Words.

#ThrowbackThursday and #FlashbackFriday will be taking the month off, and in celebration of Christmas, beginning on December 1st, I’ll be posting a nostalgic Christmas-themed commercial every day up until Christmas.  It’s a huge undertaking of a project I thought about doing earlier this month, and decided it would be fun to do in favor of the usual weekly postings.  And I’ll have a special Thursday feature beginning on December 10th, running right through to December 31st.  I don’t want to give this away, it’s going to be fun.  🙂

On December 3, 2015, Allison’s Written Words (or rather, your fearless/awesome hostess, Allison) will be headed to the fourth and final RiffTrax Live presentation of 2015, to see the insanely trippy Santa and the Ice Cream Bunny.  This marks my fourth show this year, and my seventh overall (I’ve only missed one show since I started attending in 2014 – ironically, it was the Christmas movie last year, Santa Claus, because there wasn’t an encore showing).

NFL Flashback Week 12 will be up on Sunday – I’ve begun writing it, and then just need to get screenshots for it.  I’ve also started my next Retroist article, and hopefully will have that submitted within the next two weeks.

Of course, there will be daily writing prompts a-plenty, and I signed up for a two-week blogging course through The Daily Post about branding and growing one’s audience.  Perhaps I’ll learn something new?  I hope so!

I guess we’ll just have to fit Christmas around all of the updates and, well, adulting and my day job.

Happy Friday to all!

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