The Daily Post Writing Prompt – Hate to Love

Tell us about a guilty pleasure that you hate to love.

I hate that I love bad movies.  I’m convinced that in the years since I’ve started watching Mystery Science Theater 3000 (and now RiffTrax) I’ve become far more fascinated by bad movies than I should be.  I’ve even seen movies I loved as a kid, view them as terrible now, and then realize that this guilty pleasure has been a thing for me far longer than the 18 years I’ve been a MST3K fan.

Oh, and the Mystery Science Theater 3000 thing…

I do confess that I am a long time MSTie, thought admittedly I was never a member of their fan club.  If I’d had the foresight in the late-90s to join, I’d probably be showing you my card or something.  Apparently the idea of two robots and a guy silhouette in front of a movie screen, cracking jokes about what they’re watching makes for guilty entertainment in my world.



  1. Nothing wrong with a bad movie. Some of best and funniest movies out there are the utterly awful ones. That sentence probably looks like madness to anyone who has never enjoyed a bad movie.


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