The Daily Post Writing Prompt – Moved to Tears

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Moved to Tears.”

Describe the last time you were moved to tears by something beautiful.

The last time I was moved to tears by something beautiful was three months ago, when my friend Melanie presented me with a handmade friendship bracelet.  As someone in their thirties, you’d wonder why this was so special.


Melanie and I met because of a mutual interest in the Stargate franchise – we attended the same convention and met prior to my second one in 2013 by chatting on Twitter and eventually becoming friends on Facebook.  We found we had other things in common, and in all those interests, we became friends.  We hit a little bit of a strain about a year ago because of another convention attendee (whose true colors I saw, and what she eventually saw), and it made us closer.

Back to this year’s convention.

2015 SG photo op_0001

Taken a few minutes after she gave me the bracelet.  We put them on for the photo op.

We were waiting in line for a photo op, and she told me she had a gift for me, and handed me a pink, purple, and blue bracelet.  I had thought nothing of a question she had asked me a few weeks earlier – “what’s your favorite color?”  I had said pink, but just never thought anything of it.  The pink in the bracelet represents me, the purple her, and the blue is what ultimately made us friends – Stargate.  I have worn it everyday since – it’s that special and important to me.  She has had some recent health issues, and wearing the bracelet everyday has reminded me of the power of having great friends, even when 600-plus miles separates you.  I couldn’t tell anyone the significance of the bracelet for a week without tearing up.  Well played, Melanie.


Last week, my friend Amie (who lives much closer to me) presented me with the black, white, and pink bracelet.  She too is on the road to recovery from extensive surgery, and made me the bracelet as a thank you for coming to stay with her, and for well…being a friend.

Both bracelets are important to me – the colors are friendship, the knot is what brings people together.

And they’re what brings me to tears of happiness over something so beautiful and perfect.

Related: I wrote a piece on friendship and discussed the friendship bracelet recently on my blog.

Friendship: A Bond Like a Bracelet

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