#FlashbackFriday – Vampires Hate Sun, Love Coca-Cola

Happy #FlashbackFriday, on this spooktacular Night of Mischief.

Actually, it’s daytime as this is being published.

But I wrote it at 12:30 at night.

On this Flashback Friday, on this day before Halloween, I should be treating you to a Halloween commercial, like I did yesterday.

I found something sorta Halloween, but actually was from a tape made in the spring of 1992.

It involves a vampire, so it’s sorta Halloween.

Humor me folks, it’s well after midnight as I write this.

As I said…this week’s commercial comes to us from 1992, and features a product placement for Coca-Cola, whose slogan at the time claimed you can’t beat the real thing.

Especially when it involves keeping a vampire from sucking your blood.

Here’s the damsel.  She knows the distress is coming.

Screenshot (347)

And then  we have a vampire doing his vampire thing…chasing the damsel through the castle.  She is now officially in distress.

Screenshot (348)

He’s prepared to attack.

Screenshot (349)

But alas, she has Coca Cola Classic in her hand!

Screenshot (350) Screenshot (352)

So he tries it…

Screenshot (353)

And Coca Cola, it turns out, has the power to transform even the most hardened vampire…

Screenshot (354)

Into a freakin’ supermodel of a man.

Um, wow.

And because beauty is everything, the world becomes colorful, and they walk off into the daylight…

Screenshot (355)

And as the saying goes…

Screenshot (356)

Ok, fine, it’s not “the saying,” but it was the slogan for Coca-Cola at the time.  So for the purpose of this writing, it can be “the saying.”

And now, witness with your own eyes (if you will, of course), what Coca-Cola can do to a man.  Or vampire.

And that’s the story of how woman and former vampire lived happily ever after.

She gave him Coca-Cola and he became hot.

Isn’t that how every great love story begins?

Ok, so not exact Halloween, but close enough.  And in my book, that works fine.

Well, one more day until Halloween, and a few more surprises in store for the weekend.  So, I hope you enjoyed this decidedly hot/scary Flashback Friday commercial, and well…you know what, let’s leave it there.

One more day till Halloween, Halloween, Halloween.  One more day till Halloween… 😀

Screenshot (354)


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