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Away from Allison’s Written Words (and my full-time day job), I’m also a self-taught audio/video editor.  I began actually editing for fun in 2007, but most of my best work has come through fan videos for three of the Stargate Conventions I’ve attended.  Two of these videos have even won awards two years in a row.

I enjoy experimenting with audio and video, and continually challenging myself to see what I can come up with.

This page will be ongoing collection of some of my best works.  After five years and much practice, these are the best of my work, all done since 2013.


Welcome to Intermission

“Welcome to Intermission” came out of a random idea I had – I randomly looked up the Offspring song Intermission for no apparent reason, and thought it would be fun to see what I could do with a forty-nine second song.  The result was classic drive-in theater commercials set to the beat.  This video took about an hour to create, and is one of my favorite projects.  I’d love to make more just like it.

Stargate SG-1 Convention and Fan Created Videos

Jack O’Neill – “He Ain’t Nobody’s Fool”

One of several non-contest entries I made in 2014, this one is my favorite, combining two things I love – Kenny Loggins and Jack O’Neill.  The song itself is from the lesser of the two Caddyshack films, but the song proved to be far more successful.  When combined with some of O’Neill’s personality quirks, it all makes sense.

And no, I wasn’t trying to appeal to shippers/slash lovers – those “huggy/kissy” clips went with the lyrics.  But I couldn’t help but throw in a little Jack/Daniel bromance…because that’s all it is!

“Mission: Never Impossible”

This was the second of three music video entries I made.  I entered this one in 2014, and it was the second winning video I have made.  I actually had a different song for this video, until a last-minute decision had me pulling the song and editing in a few additional clips.  I also changed the opening from my original version.  This video was the one that stressed me out the least, and was the most exciting one I made.  I’ve never been a U2 fan, but this song…just yes on so many levels.

The ending makes me happy every time – I’m convinced all of the best moments in my videos were “happy accidents” that had impeccable timing.

“Agents of SG-1”

And this was the original version of “Mission: Never Impossible.”  I love this video, but decided a more recognizable song would give me an advantage.  For something that would only get me a $100 merchandise certificate, I really turned this into a passion project.  The song is actually from Austin Powers: The Spy Who Shagged Me, and was an instrumental Green Day song.  I know how strange that sounds, but it’s true.  Like all of my projects, I’m proud of this one – it was alot of work to nail that ending!

In hindsight, this one could have won based on originality alone, but I have no regrets about “Mission: Never Impossible,” it was something different than what I’d seen.

On Instrumental Music: Instrumental music presents its own challenges – rather than attaching appropriate clips to song lyrics, it’s all about the beats.  Hitting the right moment on the right beat is so key, and if you can nail that, you know you’re doing something right.

“Jack’s Best Friends”

I love this video, and it’s beyond myself and my friends as to why it was not selected as a winner at the 2015 Stargate Convention.  It is humorous (which they encourage), but methinks it being an O’Neill video may have put it out of the running.  I edited this over the course of three months (January-March 2015), while nursing a badly injured ankle.  As long as I could sit up in a chair without propping my booted leg up, I would edit this video.  The song choice is an ironic one of sorts, given the character.  Fans of the show could easily understand the joke.  After the amazing convention weekend this year I dedicated this video to all of my friends, who make Con Life (and geek life in general) a great life indeed.

If you have any questions about any of my videos, or would like to know more about my editing skills/background, feel free to contact me on Facebook or via Twitter @AllisonGeeksOut.

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