Revisiting the Archives of Allison’s Written Words…On My Birthday!

Here’s a little birthday present I published one year ago, on October 19, 2014, for my 32nd birthday.

Good freakin’ lord, this was one of the scarier things I’ve ever gotten myself to watch. ¬†Birthday or not, it’s just…*shudder*

Birthday Nostalgia Hell: It’s Your Birthday Party! With Rainbow Brite

Snapshot - 21

In this 1985, direct-to-video special, a giant Rainbow Brite costume with a barely-moving mouth celebrates (insert birthday child’s name here) birthday with that one overly-excited group of dance school kids that every studio has.

Because nothing screams Happy Birthday quite like Giant¬†Rainbow Brite, Murky Dismal stealing all the world’s colors, people shouting at you to remind YOU that it’s YOUR birthday…and so much hellish song and dance.

It’s magical!


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