#FlashbackFriday – Mertle at Myrtle Beach…Is Not That Exciting

Just wanting to put it out there.  Figured the title was a good way to do it.

By the forces of nature, we made it to FRIDAY!

And you know what that means.

No, not the opportunity sleep in tomorrow.  I don’t even have that opportunity tomorrow. Ok, so it’s voluntary because I have something exciting planned for tomorrow (which will lead to an article), so it’s not a terrible concept.

It’s time for a Flashback Friday commercial!

If you read yesterday’s Throwback Thursday article, you likely saw the charming tale of a new breakfast sandwich with a bizarre concept, a child in an astronaut suit (a more bizarre concept than a breakfast sandwich made with pancakes), and the exact moment he launches himself in a rocket (the most bizarre concept of all!).

Of course, there’s that whole McDonald’s Breakfast All Day thing, but I digress.

Today promises to be less bizarre.  And equally tasty.

This week’s Flashback Friday comes from the magical year of 1986, and promises hash browns.

Screenshot (132) Screenshot (131)

A man is showing fellow office workers his vacation photos, specifically of his wife Mertle at Myrtle Beach and Old Faithful.  She is eating McDonald’s in the pictures, which is a terrific deal.  But no one cares about Old Faithful, they want to know what the “terrific deal” is.  The boss tells them about the offer of a free hash brown with purchase of a large drink and breakfast sandwich.  And since its only for a limited time, the group decides to ditch vacation photos and…go to McDonald’s, of course!

Screenshot (133)

It’s good, but…

Screenshot (134)Boom! We made it better!

By the time the man gets to Mertle kissing Mamu (notice the clever re-naming) the Whale, the team is long gone, enjoying their breakfast and free hash browns.

Screenshot (136)

Can’t win ’em all.  And by all, I mean co-workers interested in your vacation photos.

Screenshot (135)

Oh, and Mrs. Poole.  Just because!

But don’t just bask in the glory of my words describing food…why not feast them on the visuals?

And there you have it!  Flashback Friday caps off the first week of McDonald’s Breakfast All Day.  I hope it was as visually appealing for you as it was for me.

The end-of-the-week throwbacks and flashbacks return next week.

Have a great Friday!

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