#ThrowbackThursday – McDonald’s Breakfast Gets Something New…and Bizarre!

I’m going to go back…way back…to 2003!

Ok, so it’s not as way back as I’m acquainted to going, but something earth-shattering happened this week, and I can’t help but capitalize on it.

McDonald’s is now serving breakfast all day.

I’l let that sink in.

Did you brain explode yet?



This week’s Throwback Thursday and Flashback Friday will fall on a common theme, McDonald’s Breakfast.  But while today’s inclusion doesn’t go back all that far, it does fall into this Very Topical Subject, so why not capitalize on it…with a commercial?

So, without further ado…let’s sit down and dive right in.  There’s food to be had, and we have all day to enjoy it!

How do you like your breakfast sandwich?  Do you like eggs?  Bacon?  Do you favor sausage over bacon?  How about cheese?  What type of bread do you prefer to sandwich it into?  English Muffin?  Croissant?  Kaiser roll?  Regular bread slices?  How about two small griddle cakes with maple flavoring?  Does that tickle your fancy?

Again, let that sink in.

Screenshot (123)

While the McGriddle is unhealthy at best (it has as much fat as a Big Mac, and more sugar than McDonald’s cookies, according to the documentary Super Size Me), it is still a thing today in American, Turkish, Canadian, Polish, Japanese, Guatemalan, and Mexican markets.  Which is further proof that we like our food all mixed together AND as unhealthy as we can handle it.  It was introduced in 2003, and consisted of bacon, egg, American cheese, sandwiched between two small pancakes made with maple flavoring, with the McDonald’s arched “M” on each pancake.  There have been several variants, including sausage, sausage/egg/cheese, bacon/egg/cheese, scrapple/egg/cheese (Philadelphia, PA region), Spam/egg/cheese (served in Hawaii as a promotional item), and chicken/cheese (served in the southeastern region of the United States).   This beast of a sandwich is is quite literally all the best parts of breakfast rolled up into sandwich style.

And how was it promoted?

In this 2003 commercial to launch the sandwich, two young guys are driving along, and one introduces the sandwich to the other, who deems the idea of it “bizarre.”

Screenshot (128)

Oh, I can tell you all about bizarre, my friend.  What you’re about to witness.

Screenshot (124)

Meanwhile, as they drive through this suburban neighborhood, a young child is running around outside in his yard, clad in an astronaut costume, while his dog wears an astronaut’s helmet.  Also in the yard: a rocket.

It gets more bizarre, trust me.

As the two men ponder the wonder of McGriddle sandwich glory, the “space cadet” of a child climbs into his rocket…and launches it.

Screenshot (125)

Um yeah.

Screenshot (129)

Then Mister Voiceover cuts into inform you of the availability of the McGriddle sandwich, and its limited availability.  We’ll assume that if you’re seeing this commercial, it’s in your market.  Assume, I say.  It’s not a definitive thing.

Screenshot (126)

But don’t take my lovingly-crafted diction for granted, there’s visuals for that reason!

Watch.  Listen. Take in the glory of meat, egg, and dairy on two griddle cakes soaked in maple syrup.  Let the taste annihilate your senses.

No seriously, something like this does some sort of annihilation to one’s senses.  And this was before the whole “Bacon as Foodstuff of the Gods” trend.

Continuing to blow your mind…now!

And there you have it, a mind-blowing combination of children, rockets that blast off, unconventionally-combined foodstuff, and people who think it’s strange.  As if children and rocketships coupled isn’t the strangest thing you’ll see this week.

Tomorrow’s Flashback Friday dives back into the 1980s (Gee, take a wild guess on the year…) for some more McDonald’s breakfast.

Screenshot (130)

I’m lovin’ it!

The food…not what it can do to you.  I’m not lovin’ that.

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