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Thank You. Just Thank You.

Something I just randomly wrote, while starting work on another post/article.

It’s the collected thoughts of the last six months of my life.  I came out of a life-changing decision (well, for me, it was life changing, but any time you close the door on something, it’s usually the result of a huge decision) and made the choice to keep going with something I love, while living through experiences I wanted to have.  Six months ago, on the heels of my life-changing decision I made (and a life-changing event that happened right after), I almost gave up on something I love.  Not that the well ran dry, but I just wasn’t sure I wanted to keep writing.  This is the result of six months of making the decision to keep going with writing, and the experiences I’ve been lucky enough to have over the last six months.  It’s a reflection of sorts.

I hope you like it, because it’s for you.  All of you.

But first, an important set of questions:

What makes you excited?  What makes you stand up, take notice, and cheer to your heart’s content?  What gives you an a-ha moment like no other?

When I think of “stand up and cheer” moments, two of the most recent times this type of reaction has found its way to me occurred about four years ago, and resulted in me physically jumping out of my chair and cheering.  And both happened in the same week.  The first was over a sentimental favorite movie of mine, All of Me, when Steve Martin’s character feels invigorated after the events of a freak accident caused him to share half his body with Lily Tomlin’s character. They both feel that life has a purpose and, well, fall in love.  And while I saw this movie several times before that (I even have it on DVD), something about this one chance viewing that one night several years ago made me jump off my butt and just cheer.  And about a week later, I had the same exact reaction, while watching a Stargate SG-1 episode that I had never seen before.  A climactic and daring rescue involving Colonel O’Neill and Teal’c in their stranded reverse-engineered Goa’uld death glider/Air Force Craft hybrid, and that tense moment everyone is waiting for…did they survive?  And the “OMG!  CELEBRATE!” moment when they did.  It’s those kinds of moments that make me love my unique ability to be drawn in and excited over something that I know in my heart of hearts is going to end well, but, I don’t know, just can’t help but get excited over.

Sure, I get excited over sports and exciting sporting events – two of my most recent “sports stand up and cheer” moments happened over the New York Giants.  How I have no idea.  One was in 2012, during the Super Bowl.  The Giants won it.  I was just becoming a fan that year, and the only time I had ever gotten passionately excited over sports was watching the Yankees win the World Series all those times when I was in high school (and again in 2009, as a 27-year-old).  And again, it happened when I saw Odell Beckham Jr. make his famed three-finger catch.  I was screaming and cheering, but I also had to verify that what I saw wasn’t my imagination.  And since it wasn’t, it was incredible.

It’s that unique personality trait of mine (and the fact that I have a group of friends who feel the exact same way), that help me justify why I enjoy the things I am most passionate about, especially (and for the purpose of this “love letter/rant”) writing.  This geeky passion thing is the fuel that keeps my “writing career” alive and well. When I doubted a few times in the last year that I wanted to keep writing (and keep this all going – because, keep in mind, I don’t profit from any of it), I reminded myself of the two-year hiatus I took (from 2010-2012) when I initially gave up writing, and the life changes I’ve made in the last six months.  I reminded myself of the personal achievement of finishing an article, of loving researching a post and all the work I put into what I write, of knowing I’ve brightened someone’s day, and as evidenced by a conversation I had with a co-worker/friend at one point in the last year, that he could hear me saying all the words in an article I’ve written, which means that people can identify with what I write, and can understand me on a level that I’m trying to achieve with my audience.

The increased opportunities I’ve been able to find on Retroist and Agony Booth are a small part of my attempt to take over the internet (insert groan here), and expand my audience, while at the same time, write about what I love the most…everything.  Because that was the point of Allison’s Written Words and the brand I created for myself, and it’s what I hope to keep achieving.

Thank you for following me on my six-month journey of doing what I love on a personal level…being able to enlighten you on the little passions of life that I enjoy the most, for letting me bitch my way through a nitpick moment I’m having, for letting me tell you about my latest experience (to me, my travels are more than day trips and vacations, they are experiences), for reading my pain-staking recaps, for enjoying my latest “I scraped the bottom of the barrel to find this” piece of nostalgic oddity, for laughing, for saying “hey, I was there!” or “hey! I love your pictures!”, for laughing, for groaning, for not saying “oh jeez, Allison, not again!  Why do you like commercials so much?!”  Just…thank you.  Thank you for being a friend, a follower, and a reader.  Thanks for appreciating and humoring me.

I know what I write isn’t for everyone, but who it is for, thank you.  Thank you for reading.  Thank you for understanding.  And above all, thank you for…just appreciating.

You are loved.

Geek or not a geek (or perhaps you don’t know it yet?), you are welcome here.

Thanks for sticking around.  May the experience continue to be an amazing journey.

If I needed a Hallmark to summarize the last six months, here it is.



Writer, former dancer, geek, nostalgia geek, Secretary by day, daughter, sister/in-law, girlfriend, aunt. Yankees and Giants fan, honorary Avenger (I have a pin, so it is official :-) ), MSTie, and Stargate, Thor, and Hello Kitty collector. And if you want to know anything about me:

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