Updates and Other Stuff – July 27, 2015


Where’s this summer going?

Seriously, it was June 1st yesterday, wasn’t it?

As I’m writing this, I’m about 2 1/2 weeks from my vacation, which means that next week’s update may be the last calm one I write.  Let’s just say that the one after that may involve “I hate packing for vacation” and “Wasn’t this six months off last week?”

So, what’s going on?

I recently pitched my second Agony Booth article, which will actually become my second and third articles (at the suggestion of the editor).  My first article continues to have comments and foot traffic, all of which makes me very happy.

My third Retroist article went live on Friday afternoon.  Since I’m on a vintage commercial kick, this one was about Bell Telephone (known by the young whippersnappers as Verizon Wireless), and the progress of long distance dialing.  It’s from 1970 – let’s just say there’s been plenty of progress.  If you haven’t already done so, let your fingers do the walking right to that hyperlink.  Do it already!  I just submitted my fourth article this morning.

I’ve been thinking of ways to expand my writer’s repertoire, since I tend to pigeon-hole myself into nostalgia and bad movies/TV shows.  I love my niche, and I love what I can offer readers, but I want to expand myself into other interest (while of course, continuing on what makes me a writer).  I’m thinking of compiling some of my maternal grandmother’s “-isms” and funnier lines (based on my own knowledge, and that of my family).  I’ve memorialized my grandma since her death, but I really want to get some of those little moments written down and possibly immortalized.  Something to look into after I come back from vacation.

There isn’t really much to report on at this moment.  I should have something up on this blog this week, and of course, the next Retroist article at some point this week.  And of course, I have to fit in the Agony Booth two-parter.

Writer’s Life is fun.  Now, if only I could get paid for it…

It’s a nice thought.

I’ll leave you to have some nice thoughts on this Monday morning.  In fact, how about this nice thought?

Have a nice day!  🙂

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