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More of the Avon Laaaaydies (And A Gent Mixed In!)

I don’t set out each day with the sole purpose of writing impulse articles about the Avon catalogue.

The material just finds me.

I was dong my usual rotation at the Receptionist desk this afternoon, something I do every day (except for yesterday, when I was off from work, doing the “I have one more day of vacation” thing) when I spotted the newest Avon catalog to the left of my chair.  And while the cover lacked the “IT’S SUMMER!” declaration that the issue I looked at last week had, it didn’t have any less of the glorious Avon model cheesiness I was all to happy to point out in my previous blog post.

And that’s what makes this post as special as the last one.

Laaaaydies (and the one gent who probably reads this for the pictures), I proudly present more laaaaydies of the Avon catalog, and the one man who snuck his way in.

He’s worth it.  Trust me.


I smile like this when my pores are smaller, too.  My skin is just so radiant, I can’t help myself!


This or that?  Why not all of it?


All the right moves, in the right dress.  Who can ask for anything more?!


There’s my spot on the beach.  Whenever you feel so inclined to emerge from the water, just find your way over.


My face while wearing perfume is nothing like this.  Put it on me, and the only image you’d capture is the one of me sneezing.  But without perfume, I could totally pull this off!


It’s Spanx, y’all.

Oh, and…does this make my butt look big?!


Not pictured: The exact moment the model gets this stuff in her eyes.  IT BUUUUUUUURNS!


Nails.  And smiles!  The right summer hue will do this for you!


Avon bath products and redneck waterfalls – a winning combination!


Ageless beauty…and ageless enthusiasm!

I never said I was hilarious. But I try.

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