The Summer Laaaaydies of Avon

One of the things we have plenty of at our front desk area (and probably due in no small part to our Receptionist being an Avon representative) is a plethora of Avon catalogs.  I (as well as my clerical supervisor) love flipping through them when my coverage time proves to be a little bit quiet (as it is sometimes, since I cover lunchtime).


She looks like a happy gal, doesn’t she?

And this is what I noticed while I was spending the extremely quiet hour of my lunchtime coverage this afternoon (seriously, the phone rang maybe ten times in the entire sixty minutes) flipping through the latest and greatest Avon catalog:


I too can pose like I mean it in front of a backdrop, while wearing my best white leggings to the beach…backdrop.


That perfume can be both a sensual (and perhaps, creepily sexual) experience!


I can look sexy upon exiting the shower, and donning my best lingerie.


The cornerstone of every happy family involves that breakneck race across the dunes to the beach…while promoting sunscreen and insect repellent!


Silhouette kids will totally check out your moneymaker in the name of you flying a kite!  Again, it’s all about insect repellent!


I look this fabulous when I work out.

Seriously, has this woman ever been one of those women who come out of a workout looking like the women I see exiting the local gym?  They don’t look this daisy fresh!


My hat covers my eyes to inform you that I’m all for you not knowing my deep, dark secret.  But my bright yellow tank top says “I’M FABULOUSLY OUTGOING!”


When I go and do the touristy thing, I make sure its in nothing less than my fabulous stiletto sandals and dress.  Because no one sweats and gets blisters in warm climates and with inappropriate footwear, right?  Right?!



Again, it’s all about how I do the touristy thing.  My bad right ankle is saying “please don’t EVER do this!”  Though I do like the dress.


(On the left): Oh hai, this is how I sit in my living room on any given day.

(On the right): Oh bitch, please.  This is how I sit anywhere…on any given day.


Puppy Kisses, the latest hot scent!

Or…can I keep him?!  He’s so cute!

So, my question:

How much do I make if I just stand somewhere and look fabulous?  Because I think “Lady of Avon Catalog” would look great on my resume.

Stay fabulous, Laaaaydies of Avon, and I’ll keep living vicariously.  Preferably while looking like Sexy Secretary Sitting in a Chair.

And no, there are no pictures of this.

This isn’t Allison’s first go-around with a catalog.  For more fun about the exploration of the American Girl Catalog, check out this November 4, 2014 blog post from the archives.

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