Old Timey Print Ads: The Father’s Day Edition

Happy Father’s Day!

I hope you are enjoying your day as a dad, stepdad, grandfather, uncle dad-type figure!

One of the most difficult things I’ve come across when trying to come up with a Father’s Day-themed article was the lack of source material.  Sure, there are television shows and movies about fathers, but in my experience, Lifetime movie blocks usually shine a bad light on dear old dad.  I mean, don’t get me wrong, they do show one or two positive films about a daddy stepping up to the plate, but this year, they’re not even showing any Father-themed films on either of its networks.

When did not showing that block become a thing?

And forget Father’s Day-themed episodes and animated specials.  There are none.  Zip.  Nada.  Nothing.  If I was led to believe Mother’s Day was an underrepresented holiday, Father’s Day is the red-headed stepchild of the animated television special world.

So I turned to something I have plenty of experience writing about.  Something I was able to find source material to work with.

Lots of source material.

Some of it looks dated by today’s standards – ok, fine – it is dated by today’s standards.  But still, it’s something!

With that in mind, here’s some delightful ads from advertising’s past that will remind you why certain things are best left there.

Fun times, people.  Fun times.


Yes, kids – on Father’s Day, give dad the biggest contributor to lung cancer.

And who knew?  I really did find Prince Albert in a can!


Yes, son.  You also have to protect that interior from sudden rain.  Ah, the ignorance of youth.


Ah yes, children – let me tell you all about my first…while I sip my Canadian Club.  It was the best of times…


Also, dad, don’t be embarrassed when you lose a tooth.  It’s just all that Prince Albert in a can causing damage.  But switch toothpastes too.  Just because!


Give dad the gift of burning skin!  Bracer indeed!


Because freeloading kids make great advertising.  And a reason to need aspirin.


What a coincidence, Father’s Day actually is June 21st this year!  And yes, make him a  Very Important Pop with the right clothes!


Let the King have his fling?  So be sure to buy the right menswear so dad can have an affair!

Let him be King today, because tomorrow is just an ordinary day.

It will be Monday.


So bake him a freakin’ cake already!


Oh yes, they’ve changed alright.  It’s not ok to beat your kids with a belt after they buy you the wrong shirt.


Having Johnnie Walker on hand helped too.


And ONLY Arrow!  Take that, MacGregor!


A kind reminder of how much you’ve cost dad over the years.  Seriously, it’s the least you can do for him supporting your dreams, and paying your way.  Because when he drinks, he can forget.


Because again, something to help him forget.

Old timey print ads are hardly new bag on Allison’s Written Words, so for a look at advertising’s rather interesting past, a two-part harmony of old timey print!

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Happy Father’s Day!


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