There should always be a reason to support advances and research into Alzheimer’s Disease.

In fact, I’ll give you two reasons:


These are my grandmothers – on the left, Mary Venezio (my paternal grandmother), and on the right, Catherine Nesgood (my maternal grandmother).  My dad’s mother lost her battle with Alzheimer’s in July 1994, and my mom’s mother almost 21 years later, in February 2015.  The impact of Alzheimer’s is far-reaching – it affects families, friends, caregivers (whether they are paid skilled nursing staff or unpaid family members/friends), and anyone with a tie to someone living with Alzheimer’s.  There are 47 million people living with Alzheimer’s Disease, which is, well, 47 million too many.

Related Link: Latest Facts and Figures – Alzheimer’s Association

The Alzheimer’s Association website has a lot of great information about activities for the month of June, as well as the latest facts about Alzheimer’s, and everything you need to know about the disease itself, as well as support for those caring for someone living with the disease.

I’ll do my best (as time permits) to promote Alzheimer’s Awareness throughout the month of June.

Do your part, and use the hashtag #EndAlzheimers if you so choose to tweet or mention it during this month.

And if you have the chance, please read the story of my grandmother, Catherine Nesgood, written in February 2015, two days after her passing and published the day of her funeral.

Why #EndAlzheimers? Because no one should ever have to endure the pain of the longest goodbye.

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